Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Workout In Before Will's Baby Out

Today my regular workout partner, Will Isenhour, and I planned to meet at 6pm at the Dowd YMCA to start a warm-up for a workout. The plan was 7x3 minutes with 2:30 jog rest. John joined us as well because he had forgotten his shoes at home, so he did not run at his usual location of McAlpine. This was great! I thoroughly enjoyed John’s company on this workout because it mixed the conversation up a bit.

On the run over to the Dilworth Road East loop, I joked with Will that I was going to savor my next couple of weeks with him before his baby was born. Little did I know that 12 hours later, Will’s baby (Thomas Isenhour) would be born five weeks early, healthy and with a full head of hair! Congratulations to him and his wife!

On the warmup, my legs felt fairly beat up, and I was hoping that once the work out got under way that they would feel much better. To my luck, I made an extra effort to go out relaxed on the first one and John, Will, and I kept it pretty close together. I ran around a 2:41 going through the 800m mark and was pleased. For the remainder of the intervals, I maintained 240-241 pace and each time we jogged back to the starting line, I was surprised at how well my legs were carrying me through the intervals, considering that my quads and hamstrings were feeling lethargic.

John and I parted ways with Will at the Morehead/McDowell intersection and jogged very slowly back to the house. After 21 minutes of running at 520 pace, our legs were tired and our stomachs hungry.

On Wednesday and Thursday following the workout, my legs have felt absolutely trashed. They'll shape up tomorrow for my first work out with Thomas Eggar since January.


Aaron Linz said...

U changed the title of your blog? I like it! Senor Isenhour with a little one now. Cool!!!

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