Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week in Review

64 Miles
12M with 2000m @ 5:30 pace, 1600M @ 526, 1200m @ 403, 800m in 237, 400m @ 73, all with 400m jog rest
11M with 11 x 50s hill repeats at 4-5% grade
16M with middle 8M at 644 - 625, one mile at 554 pace, then 4M cool down
2 Days in Seattle
1 Day off

I'm sooo behind in updating my blog, and the odds of anyone reading this post are slim so I'm keeping this short. I'm back on the schedule of alternating between 2 workouts + long run and 1 workout + hard long run every two weeks, so it was fun to knock out some hill repeats before I set off for Seattle.  I really enjoyed hanging out in Seattle with Matt, Jessie & Ryan, and Ruth!  It was great to reunite with Ruth not just one, but TWO runs!  We ran long on Saturday and even though my legs were tired from the two workouts earlier in the week, I figured it'd be fun to tag along for her steady state workout.  The highlight was definitely going to the Solstice Parade with Jessie and Ryan's friends, where we watched people with body paint ride around the city naked.  It was great people watching and I really love Seattle because of the people and their seemingly easy going nature and willingness to be accepting of anyone, no matter what their differences may be.


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