Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week in Review

75 Miles
12M with 4M tempo via 544, 541, 539, 534 and then 800m jog rest for 5 x 1 minutes in 502 - 516 pace
9M with 2 x mile of 30s on off with mile splits of 543/542 with 800m jog rest
17M long run at 654 average
0 days off
1 new friend!
1 rock climbing session

Whew, looking back on this week, I feel somewhat exhausted knowing what I accomplished.  Yet the odd thing is that I feel completely energized.  I haven't felt this good since the summer of 2005, before I headed back to Wake for my sophomore year.  I firmly believe that my latest running fitness mainly is due to 1) injury and time off during the months of October - January, 2) the ridiculously good (read: low humidity) weather, and 3) unintended weight loss.  I'm slowly building up my crew of guys to run with by stalking strava and it has proven so successful! I've met Ted, who lives less than half a mile from my house, and then also Tom, who will certainly start hitting some massive PRs if he continues running long with me.  I'm so impressed with these folks and I hope that we can continue to push each other to achieve goals together.  I've also done my last two long runs with Heather, which has been such fun since we've gone through similar life situations over the last couple of years.


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