Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week in Review

0 Miles
7 days off
1 Weight Lifting Session
2 Ab sessions
18 miles hiked
0 Cross Training
3 days in Phoenix

Garrett couldn’t have arrived at a better time, right when I really needed a PT to look me over and tell me and to do. Unfortunately, Garrett said we need tools that he doesn't have - like dry needling and patches and laser. So instead, I joined the YMCA so that I can start water running in January when I get back.  By Thursday, we made our way from California to Phoenix so that I could celebrate my birthday with my family and friends Matt, Nick, Allie, Merry and Michelle.  It was a great weekend, even if I had to stay back at the house when all the girls set off for a long run on Saturday.   We hiked on Saturday morning and went out to dinner, with high hopes of going out dancing later.  Instead, we stayed in a did a puzzle of cows doing yoga.  Yes, that's right, I started my 30s by doing a puzzle.  Sounds perfect to me.  Tomorrow Garrett and I fly back to Durham and I'm really excited to have some time where I don't have to be anywhere and I don't have to do anything, besides try to see some medical professionals. :


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