Sunday, May 3, 2015

Week in Review

70 Miles
8x800m repeats in 2:48-2:36 with 200m/400m rest
12.3M MLR
15.6M long run with Meagan in the Asheville mountains

It was my first week back with a real workout and I was happy to "crush" it.  Of course, coach had given me pretty loose goals since he didn't know how I would feel after the travel back from India.  I felt confident when I came off the Duke Track and felt like I hadn't lost that much fitness while in India.  That's always a good feeling.  Over the weekend, Garrett and I drove to Asheville for Mark Russell's wedding and we enjoyed the mountain weather and catching up with old Wake Forest teammates.  We especially enjoyed the delicious food and great running trails!

Garrett's swollen lips after eating really hot sauce in Asheville

mountain run in asheville with Meagan

Wake Forest Track at Mark Russell's wedding

Showing off our beautiful bods

May or may not have fed Jared about 5 rose petals during the sendoff

What do you do when the gas station bathroom is closed? Walk on over to the porto-johns across the street of course!


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