Wednesday, April 1, 2015

14M with 4M Tempo + 2 Miles at 5:43 Pace

13-15 miles total with 4 miles progression at 610-615, 600-605, 550-555, 540-545, 800m jog rest, 1-2 miles of 200m on / off at 40s/50s

2.25M warmup
4 miles progression in 23:24 via 608, 555, 545, 536
.55M jog rest to Duke track in 4:25
2M of 200m on / off on track in 11:25 via
4.8 miles cool down in 39:00 for almost 14 miles total

I'm only updating my blog for my classmate Kishor.  My life is actually rather boring, but if he likes reading about workouts with strange words (like fartlek) and sayings (like 4x2), then I'll honor that.  I ran from my house at 635AM and met Billy halfway at the Duke East Campus loop. I had mapped out a 4 mile loop that ended right at the Duke Chapel so that we could run over to the Duke track within our half mile rest distance.  Since I did just PR in the 10K on Saturday by running 1.5 miles up a huge bridge and then 1.5 miles back down said huge bridge, I was a bit worried about my ability to hit the target times for the workout.  We did 1.5 loops of the Duke East Campus Loop before heading onto Campus Drive to take us to Main Campus.  I was surprised at my mental resolve to push the pace down as each mile passed.  We were a little ahead of the target paces, but I was huffing and puffing and my legs were tired.  Once we got to the Duke Track, I led the first 200m and we alternated leads for the next 8 repeats.  I felt much better on the track than I was expecting, so it was a pleasant surprise to run so well after a tough race weekend.  Not gonna lie though, I definitely stopped and put my hands on my knees for a solid minute after the workout was done.  I was spent!


maryanne said...

Well, good for Kishor for making that request! After having spent years reading every book I could find on running, your blog is my go-to motivation tool now to get the arse out the door, and on the road. Yes, my farleks tend to be on trails or gravel roads rather than tracks, but it is so inspiring, and I thank you for myself and the minions of silent readers. I can also tell you that just before this comment, i had to rewrite my comment on the March entry because google zaps it rather than publishing it at least half the time. So do not judge the lack of comments to be a reflection of feedback - it is more a reflection that this blog format is not nearly as easy to repond to as a facebook or text or line message.
( i have also learned to copy and save before i hit publish so i can paste it just in case my comment does get zapped.)

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