Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Snow and Ice Review

I was going to do a week in review for every week in February, but then I realized that all I remember about February was that there was a bunch of snow or ice on the roads for about 2 weeks straight. So, the main thing to remember is that the last two weeks of February were annoying and I ran most runs on either the 2 mile stretch on Campus Drive, or on snow-packed pathways, or in Charlotte, where they didn't get nearly as much snow.  I definitely got to know the 14 mile loop around the Research Triangle Park as well.

Week of Feb 23:
8 inches of snow
70 Miles
3 x 2 miles fail
16M Long Run with last 9 miles at 633, 612, 615, 607, 552, 651, 605, 625, 643

Week of Feb 16
1 inch of ice
72 miles
10 miles with 4M tempo in 611, 615,557,559
12 miles with 4 x (4 x 300m) with 100m rest and 500m rest between sets. All in 60-58-56-55 ish
15.5M easy long run 

Week of Feb 9
74 Miles
11.7 MLR
12.3M with 6 x mile via 549 (42 rest), 545 (50s), 544 (51), 540 (55s), 540 (75s), 552 (200m on/off)
16M in the freezing cold at 653 average and with 15mph winds


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