Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Broken Mile Repeats

3-4 x (1000m-200m rest-400m) and 400m jog between sets:

3.5 ish warmup in 27 min
1000m, 200m rest, 400m hard, 400m rest x 3
325 (54) 79 (1:53) 1 mile in 5:40
323 (59) 77 (1:56) 1 mile in 539
322 (59) 76 1 mile in 537
2.5 mile cool down on al buehler for 10 miles total

I love when Coach T-Bone gives me the option for how many intervals to complete.  Typically, if he gives me this option for a race-week workout, I definitely go on the lower end.  Out of habit, I did that today and opted for only 3.  As you can tell from the splits above, Billy and I definitely went out a little too hard on all of the 1000m repeats, so I felt like I had earned the right to only do 3 intervals.  At this point, there's not much more work I can do to affect the result of my race this Sunday.  I'm really excited to put my "MBA" fitness to the test and see what I'm able to accomplish while juggling a rigorous schedule of run, work, MBA homework, sleep, repeat.  I don't know if my fitness is where it was in June when i ran 56:46 en route to my half marathon PR, but I don't feel like it's out of reach to run 5:45-5:40 pace for the majority of this race.  The goal for me is to have fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery of DC as I run by all of the Capitol's monuments.  


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