Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week in Review

32.6 Miles (wowsa!)
4 Days of Running
48 Hours in Las Vegas
12 Hours in an airplane or airport
1.5 hours of TheraBand Exercises

I have never been more proud of a 32 mile week. After taking three days off, I started my running week on Wednesday with an easy 8 miler with Matt, Michelle, and Billy. Before I knew it, my running week would be over after just four straights of running 8 miles a day. I managed to get in an hour of easy running in Las Vegas with Selina, on the beautiful trails of the Red Rock Canyon.

On Friday morning, I ran easy with Justin and Meagan in the 35 degree rain, put in a half day's worth of work, and got a ride to the airport from Matt and Vanessa (not my sister, Matt's girlfriend). After a 4+ hour flight, I was whisked away from the cold, wet, dreary weather and placed in the middle of sunny, dry, beautiful Las Vegas. My sister was kind enough to pick Selina and I up and so began our 48 hour adventure.

Now, most of you would think that I proceeded to enjoy in a weeked of total gluttony. In fact, it was the exact opposite. I spent just over $100 and we went to a health food store to buy $30 worth of groceries so we didn't have to eat out. We got over 7 hours of sleep each night. We also ran and hiked at Red Rock Canyon. All of the above items make it overall a very healthy trip.

On Friday night, the five of us ladies didn't even last until after midnight, and on Saturday night we got home at 1:45am, which is early for Vegas. We were escorted into the clubs both nights because we got in contact with escorts who work for Marketing firms. Essentially, they are paid to bring ladies in for the customers that actually pay lots of money in the Club. With this sort of setup, we would meet the escort at the bar in the casino and then they would escort (aka herd us in like we are going to the slaughterhouse) us to the club, checked our IDs, and left us to play on our own. For those looking for the hookup, let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.

While we had a great time, we agreed that Vegas is too busy and crazy for us to go that often. If I ever do go again, I will spend the day at the spa, go to the shows, and avoid the clubs.

on the way to surrender night club

Running at Red Rock Canyon on Saturday

I ended up taking the day off on Sunday because I didn't feel like running along the Las Vegas Strip, which sounded absolutely dreadful. I figure a true down week happens when you take days off when you don't feel like running. I was pleased with how the week turned out, especially considering that my leg is finally getting better.

What to look forward to next week? Running 50 miles, spending FIVE days with Garrett, getting another massage from Byran at Zenriffic Massage and Wellness, taking one day off from running, getting a weight lifting plan from Mark Kane, and going to Trivia Night at Brixx Pizza! A fun filled week for sure.


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