Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Three Days Off and Still Busy

After Houston on Saturday, I decided to take three days off from running. With my newly found free time, I have filled it to the point that I haven't had much to time to be at home. On Monday, I scheduled a lunch with my former roommate, Meenal, for 6:30 at Sonoma so we could use up a Groupon that was about to expire. Before I met her, I spent 1.5 hours studying for the GMAT by doing practice problems assigned by my tutor. Once I returned home from dinner, I had just enough time to see Cicero get into John's beer box and then to hit the hay.
On Tuesday night, I had a 1.5 hour massage with Byran at Zenriffic Massage and Wellness with my CRC discount. Starting this week, I will be making massage a regular weekly activity in my training regime. I think this will be a way to help prevent injury as I increase my mileage. By the time I was done with my massage, I barely had enough time to jet over to Trader Joe's before it closed. By the time I had paid for my groceries and had gotten home, it was well after 9pm, and I still needed to eat dinner.

It's funny how you assume that if you aren't running, you'll have all sorts of additional free time, but that's usually not the case because you fill it up with stuff you don't normally get to do. This weekend I jet off to Las Vegas for a quick trip with my sister and some of her friends from Cali. It should be good to see her, but I know that I'll be exhausted upon my return! After that, it's go time! I've fully enjoyed my three days off from running, but I'm definitely ready to get back into the swing of my normal training again. It works out quite perfectly because Jay is just now coming back and we can sync up several of our easy runs together.


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