Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week in Review

73 miles
2 Doubles
1 Day off
13 Mile Long Run (3 miles up a mountain)
2 days in Asheville for CRC Board Retreat

This week was definitely a unique one as lots of interesting things happened.

1) On Monday, I got new orthotics from Dr. Bert Fields in Greensboro, to hopefully correct my leg length discrepancy. As the days went on, I could tell my legs were happy to have an updated pair of inserts.
2) For both of my workouts this week, I worked out complete solo, in an unconscious effort to test my mental tenacity and push my mind to the limits. Both workouts went quite well and, most importantly, I did not have any pain in my knee before, during, or after those workouts.
3) Garrett got sports hernia surgery on Thursday in Boston and I was not there. Like any normal person, it pained me a lot that I could not be there for him, but fortunately his mom was there to make sure he had everything he needed after the surgery. Garrett is really strong, both mentally and physically, and he is doing great considering the circumstances.
4) The Charlotte Running Club Board made a trip to Asheville to race the Hot Chocolate 10k and to make lots of decisions for 2011 and beyond for the Club. While we stayed in a sweet mountain cabin and had lots of fun, we also had over 6 hours of debate, conversation, and decision making that made me very exhausted. You can read Allen’s recap here about the retreat.

In terms of running, I was able to run 18 minutes up a mountain on Sunday at Bent Creek, but then convinced Aaron, Billy, and Matt to turn around with me instead of continuing to climb for another 3 miles, as Ben Hovis chose to do. I did not want to risk tweaking my knee or making myself sore for my half marathon in just 6 days, so we turned around and made our way to the NC Arboretum, which featured a very flat trail that ran along a stream.

Considering that my legs have endured two pretty solid workouts and that there is no pain in my leg, I’m feeling ready to go for this coming Saturday’s race. I can’t wait to see Ruth and also watch friends run the marathon on Sunday. This week I'll be focusing on getting lots of rest, eating right, and keeping my mind calm.


Allan Fotheringham said...

good luck with your upcoming race

Aaron Linz said...

Go caitlin go!!!

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