Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week in Review

49.6 Miles
6 Runs, 1 Double
2 Days off
1 tight IT Band

Well, this week started off quite well for the first three days and then quickly deterioated with the snap of a finger. I was excited at the idea of hitting 80 miles for the first time since before the Twin Cities Marathon, but those hopes were dashed when my knee hurt really bad on Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, I took completely off and allowed my knee time to get back to its normal size. I popped ibubrofen, iced four times a day, and limited my walking.

By the time Saturday rolled around, after doing a couple of trial runs in my hallway, I felt confident that I could perform my duties of sweeper at the CRC Hangover Prediction Run. I ran easy for a little over 30 minutes to realize that there was no pain, just a really tight IT Band that I needed to roll at least five times a day. After this, Garrett showed me band exercised that would help strengthen my IT Band and my Hamstrings.

On Sunday morning, I was unsure if I would be able to run on my leg for over an hour, but was pleasantly surprised that I could put my left IT Band through not only 1 hour and 46 minutes of work, but also put it through 30 minutes at an average of 6:26 pace. Meagan did a fantastic job of putting in this effort, especially after doing a workout the day before.

Do not fret, I iced and rolled later in the day. Just because the leg seems to be back to normal does not mean that I go back to my old ways. Rolling and stretching have become a part of my daily regime and I will be seeing a physical therapist for more exercises to prevent this from happening in the future. I'm hoping that next week's week in review will showcase a weekly mileage of 80+. Houston is in just 4 weeks!


Anonymous said...

I am an older runner, but my 25 year old daughter and I both had the same IT band pain. We both did the following and the pain went away. The IT band is like stretching a piece of leather. We both would hold the IT stretches for 3 minutes. When we got up and did strides, you could feel the relief immediately. We now do not have to do this all of the time. If we feel it may be coming on, we go back to this. Phil R.

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