Saturday, September 18, 2010

Solo 800m Fartlek at McAlpine

Goal: 8x800m with 200m jog rest at 240-245
Actual: 8x2:45 with 1:00 rest at 245-250

Well, this was my first solo workout in Charlotte in a long time. Usually if I'm working out by myself it means that I'm out of town, but this just shows what happens when all of your running buddies are either (1) running the Blue Ridge Relay, (2) running the Davidson half, (3) injured, (4) too fast for you. Again, I switched work out dates around to accommodate for my sore calf and for my newly busy social schedule which included dates with the boyfriend. Instead of working out Friday, I slept in and did this work out on Saturday morning at McAlpine. In an effort to keep my calf as a loose as possible and so as to not worsen its current condition, I vetoed the track and opted for the trails at McAlpine.

I warmed up five miles and then programmed my Garmin to beep at me every 2 minutes and 45 seconds for the interval and every 1 minute for the rest. In the end, the first 4 intervals were directly into the wind, and the last 4 interval were with the wind at my back. Since these were merely based on effort, it's hard to tell how fast they actually were, but I felt smooth and controlled. The garmin told me I was running 250 pace for the first 4 and then 245 for the last 4. This is slower than what I've done in the past at McAlpine, but I was working against both the wind and my own mind since I was solo. In the end, I'll take it because my calves are still in good shape and didn't knot up any more!

Once I finished the workout, I drove back home to do more things that a typical couple does, like learn how to use the TRX training system with my boyfriend and go on a double date with Jay and Lauren. Great times!


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