Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Garrett Bullock's Domination

For those of you who don't know me, my family is scattered across the big ol' US of A, which results in a conglomeration of posts that update them on my boyfriend's MiLB updates. This is especially important considering that until just three days ago, my dad had not seen Garrett in over two years and my mom not in over a year and a half. They ended this streak and drove to Princeton, WV on their way back from Snow Shoe Mountain, to see Garrett for approximately 14 minutes between his doubleheader. In that time, my mom managed to give Garrett three bags of granola, two bite size "man-chaser" brownies (courtesy of my Aunt Marcie), and a handful of cash, all the while maintaining a conversation that ranged from pitching to a vacation in Costa Rica. Apparently Garrett was on good behavior because my parents arrived in Charlotte glowing!

After this, I realized my family members deserved an update on all of Garrett's accomplishments since his arrival on the Greeneville Astros team. His accolades are so plentiful that I cannot say them with one breath.

Garrett's List of 2010 Accomplishments

1. Garrett Bullock has not allowed an earned run in eight consecutive appearances. Editor's Note: You can read about this at Wake Forest Sports - but this is not as up-to-date as my list of accomplishments

2. Garrett Bullock won Astros Player of the Month for July, an award that is named by the Houston Astros Player Development Department and chosen by the field staff for each respective farm team. He shrugged this off as not a big deal, but I personally think it's pretty awesome.

3. Garrett Bullock was listed on Minor League Splits as having one of the top five Astros Pitching Performances on 8/6/2010. Editor's note: Garrett was featured on this website another time, but the archives are not available online for more than two weeks in the past. Update: Featured on 8/13 as the number one pitching performance for all Astros Minor League Affiliations.

4. Garrett Bullock was named "Man of the Match" by the acclaimed Houston Astros Blog Astros County for his July 17th appearance against Bluefield where he struck out six, walked one, and allowed three hits in 3.1 innings pitched.

5. Garrett Bullock caught the opening pitch from his girlfriend, after he cheered her on to win the Astros 5k. This is probably an experience that will never happen again, so it is an accomplishment.

This summarizes Garrett's list of accolades and so now you are all in the loop. You can continue to track his progress as the season winds down by tracking his individual stats.


maryanne said...

Whoop Whoop! Our biggest regret is not thinking to book a room in Princeton that night so we could have seen Garrett on the pitching mound... It was clear from his swagger and staggering smile that all was right in his BB Astro world... Can't rule out a trip to see him in action but time is indeed running out this season. Garrett - Lefties RULE!

Love yo both - mama

Also, love the photo - great to see it from this pitcher's perspective.

bruce said...

Great story!!! Like the pictures of Garrett and Caitlin on the pitching mound.

love DAD

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