Thursday, July 29, 2010

Power in Numbers at the Booty Loop

This week marks a significant turning point in the training that I've ever known. I've switched from doing short, speedy workouts and 4-6 mile tempos to doing 8-10 mile grueling tempos that make your stomach hurt three hours after completion, 3x3 mile workouts that give you over 14 miles for your total daily mileage, and long runs that last about as long as it takes me to drive to see my boyfriend. While reading that makes me practically cringe, I've taken this first week of marathon specific training and pretty much enjoyed it.

Mostly, I'm enjoying it because of the people who have braved the 100 degree heat index and who have run some of the grueling miles with me. Just this morning, Mike Beigay and I had a 3x3 mile workout and I expected only Meagan Nedlo and Justin Breland to show up. To my pleasant surprise, we had a few stragglers jump in: Lat Purser, Jordan Kinley, and Brian McMahon. When there are two girls leading a pack of five guys, it feels pretty awesome and I think it gives my legs that added spring of life that is typically hard to find before the sun is up.

This impromptu crowd of runners appearing at a group run is what I hope to accomplish for all pace groups and locations in the Charlotte Running Club. The power in numbers stems from the motivation and the encouragement that we all share with each other. Looking forward to more miles to come!

Side note: Lat Purser has by pure chance jumped into two workouts this week with Meagan and I. He absolutely destroyed us in our 6x800m workout and was rolling like 229-232 on the Dilworth 800m loop. It's nice having him out there!


Mark Hadley said...

Excellent stuff Caitlin!

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