Saturday, June 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home

On Wednesday night, I took a two hour flight from Charlotte to St. Louis, Missouri. I'm not actually from Missouri, but this is the closest airport to my hometown of Carbondale, located in the heart of Southern Illinois. My sister flew in from LAX around the same time, so my parents picked us both up around 930pm. Of course, we still had another two hours to drive from St. Louis to my house, so by the time we arrived at my childhood home, it was 1am North Carolina time.

Typically, coming home can be characterized with eating too much really good vegan food, running solo or with my high school coach, and playing scrabble. This year, all of the listed above did occur, but with the addition of my cousin Michelle, who I hadn't seen since our family vacation to Hawaii in 2007.

On Friday, Michelle and I went on an investigative walk to see if a new neighbor was building a house in the field across the way, she played the guitar in the living room, and we went to the Sunset Concert to see southern Illinoisans in all their drunken glory. My mom got us all tickets to a really good comedy at SIUC Theater called Unnecessary Farce, which was absolutely hilarious! I must have laughed the entire time from the way my abs ached this morning. I was also impressed with the acting skills of the students in the play.
This is fortunately a down week for me in terms of running, which is great because I've gotten so spoiled running with people from the Charlotte Running Club, that I find it more and more difficult to run solo. Luckily, I pulled my high school coach out for a run with me on Friday morning, but he needs to get into better shape. Here's a picture of my driveway:
I'll be back in NC on Sunday night, but it will be sad to leave my family. I'll also miss the quiet that is typical of living in the country...I slept like a baby with the sound of the crickets and toads to put me to sleep.


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