Friday, April 23, 2010

Regeneration Vacation Bliss

After Cherry Blossom, I turned down the volume substantially in order to recuperate and prepare for the next 24 weeks of marathon training. My best practices for a down week? To ignore that incessant alarm, run in the evenings, erase workouts, and jet off to LA for a quick romp with my sister. The cherry on top? Eat fine vegan cuisine, including one scrumptious vegan red velvelt cupcake.

Who knew that running 40-50 miles in a week would practically feel like nothing? It took so much less time than running 60-70 miles a week so my body almost feels like it got new limbs! Not to mention, my mind got that much needed break from the daily grind. I enjoyed doing things that I don't typically have time to do, including finishing two books (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire, anxiously awaiting the third in the series!), watching four movies with my sister, kitty-proofing my box spring, and drinking homemade margaritas.

This week I'll be running 55 miles a week and I'm hoping that it feels as simple as 50 miles did last week. Starting the week of May 10, I'll be running about 70 miles a week again to start my first phase of marathon training for Twin Cities. In August, I won't be bragging about how much free time I have any more because that's when the legit marathon workouts start, in which my mileage will be peaking around 80-85. Until then, I'll continue to enjoy the 50-Miles-A-Week bliss.


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