Saturday, December 31, 2016

December in Review

Coach T-Bone let me start doing very moderate workouts again this month and it was really fun to start getting into the groove of things again.  The weather has been great, with clear skies and cool temperatures (especially for California!).  Considering all the holiday parties, birthday celebrations and family time, I'm really proud of the work I put in over December, without even having a goal race yet.

Week of November 28th

  • 54 miles total
  • 14M long run
  • 0 Days off

Week of December 5th

  • 41M total
  • 12M with 4 miles tempo in 612/606/605/558
  • 14M Long run 
  • 2 days in yosemite
  • 1 day off

Week of December 12th

  • 62M total
  • 11.4M MLR
  • 10M with 13x 1 min on/off in 6:05 pace total with rest
  • 14M with 6 miles from 614-630 pace
  • 0 Days off

Week of December 19th

  • 62M total
  • 12.2M MLR
  • 12.5M of fartlek workout with Shal at Baylands
  • 15M long run 
  • 1 Day off 

Week of December 26th

  • 69M total
  • 12M MLR
  • 8M with 10 x 1 min up moderate hill in Huntington Beach
  • 10M with 6M steady state (630-640)
  • 15M long run 
  • 0 Days off


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