Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week 2: The Comeback Continues

11.7 Miles Total
3.2 miles continuous! (YIPPEE!)
2 days in LA

Hey-oh!  I ran over 10 miles total this week.  Hard to imagine that in just four weeks, I should be completing 26.2 miles at the Olympic Trials.  Don't worry - I'm not actually going to run 26.2 miles. I don't want to risk an injury, so basically my whole purpose over these next four weeks is to get my body used to running 6:10 pace for a sustained period of time so that I can at least run side-by-side with Meagan for some portion of the Trials race.

For the next two weeks, Garrett has concocted an unorthodox plan to get me back on track.  He's consulted a former Duke Track Coach and two Duke PTs who helped a Blue Jays pitcher come back from surgery in practically record time.  So, I am going with it.

Here's how crazy my comeback has been, keeping in mind that typically comeback involves running slow for like three weeks and maybe eventually incorporating strides:

  • Monday:  10 minutes at 6:36 pace, 2:00 stop and rest, 6:20 for mile
  • Tuesday:  weight lifting + 30 minutes walk
  • Wednesday:  3.6 total miles in 6:52 via 3 x mile with 2:00 stop rest in 6:11, 5:51, 6:15, 6:33  for a half mile, lifting
  • Thursday:  lifting
  • Friday:  2.4 miles continuous at 6:17 pace, walked 30 minutes
  • Saturday:  3.2 miles in 7:23 pace with Katie
  • Sunday: walked 3 miles, biked 10 miles
I'm feeling good even though my calves and quads are very, very tight.  


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