Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week in Review

76 Miles
6 x 1000m repeats @ 327, 325, 321, 327, 325, 322 with 1-2-3 rest between
11.6 MLR
18 miles EZ in 7:15 pace
4 days in CLT

I'm really pleased with this week. Between studying for finals and furiously planning for next year's projects at work, it was a busy week!  Fortunately, I have great running friends and amazing co-workers that made this long work week more manageable.  Even though there were a couple of long nights in the office for some last minute fire-drills, I enjoyed a night out for Michelle's birthday dinner.  I caught up with little D, Alice, Billy and several other folks I hadn't seen in quite some time.  I had a slew of guys to work out with during the week and, despite the early morning workout, had a great time running fast on the barely-lit roads.  After enjoying several runs in Charlotte with 8+ people for easy runs, it was a stark contrast to return to Durham for a practically solo long run (thank god for Amanda who joined me for 9 miles).  I really wish that the Triangle was closer together so that I could more easily run with folks in Raleigh and Cary.  At least I've got reliable buddies Amanda and Billy to keep me sane and my motivation up!


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