Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pre-Race w/ Tim

10 miles with 4-5 x 400M @ 80 w/ 90s rest, 1 mile @ 530-535, 2:30 rest, 4-5 x 400m @ 78

3 mile warmup
4x400m in 78, 78, 78, 76 (w 72-84s rest)
1 mile in 531 (2:16 rest)
4x400m in 78, 78, 76 75 (w/ 80-87s rest)
3 miles cool down for 10+ miles total

Today’s 5:30AM workout can best be summed up with Tim’s Facebook post:

Speedwork with Caitlin. Very 'unique' motivation. I heard "hurry up old man," the lie of "after these 400s this 535 mile will feel super easy," "you dropping back motivated me to speed up even more" and my personal favorite "don't pass out cause you're way too heavy for me to pick up and move”

While the above makes me look like an arrogant POS, I promise that Tim enjoyed every second of this workout.  We really pushed each other on the 400s and I definitely ran faster because Tim was there.  I feel really fast and strong going into Cooper River.  Now I’m just hoping that the win cooperates some!


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