Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December in Review

The month of December can best be summed up with some pictures from my adventures in Kauai and California with my family.  I spent 16 whole days with my family, which is the longest amount of time we've been together since we all lived under one roof.  The focus for this month after the marathon was to rest and recover in the company of my family members in some of the best December weather I could ever ask for.  I am very happy that I got to spend such quality time with my family. In Kauai, I did four different day hikes, went scuba diving for the first time ever, went paddle boarding for the first time ever, and snorkeled multiple times.  The time in Kauai was all about being active in other ways than just running.  The time in LA was all about relaxing and recovering by basically running very little and sleeping a lot.  It was a great way to close out the year and I'm excited to get back to real training once 2014 arrives.

Week of December 2nd:
65 Miles
3xmile @ MP w/ 60s rest
CIM in 2:40:28, 9th, $1000

Week of December 9th:
3 Miles
3 Days in Kauai
5 Hours Hiking

Week of December 16:
14 Miles
5 Days in Kauai
2 Days in Cali
10+ hours of hiking

Week of December 23:
38 Miles
1 Day Off
11 mile "Long Run"
5 Days in Cali

Week of December 30:
59 Miles
13.2M "Long Run"
0 Days off
7 Day in CLT

Napali Coast hike
Waimea Canyon Hike
The Whole Family at Birthday din
My 28th Birthday dinner with Garrett
Our resort was right on the water


One of the hikes we did
Thrilled to be hiking

Lookout from the Swamp Trail


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