Sunday, September 9, 2012

(Wedding Shower) Week in Review

75 Miles
16 mile long run
1 Tempo Fail (third time in a row)
4 Doubles
4 Days in Carbondale

As you tell above, there's a couple of common themes going on here: (1) that I keep failing at workouts and (2) that I've been busy with a whirlwind of wedding festivities.  My wedding isn't anytime soon...not until December 29th, but it's more fun to have these types of things in the beautiful fall weather.

So, about number (1).  On my long run with Garrett, I realized that I'm in the exact same spot that I was in back in November of 2011, before the Oympic Trials.  In fact, if you go back and read my blog from that month, you'll notice that the tone was tainted with a bit of negativity, because running just wasn't easy.  I realized that I had really low iron during that period, so it was nice to have an answer then.  I haven't gotten my iron checked yet, but I'm just going to go ahead and assume that iron is the issue.  Right now, my mind isn't in the place it needs to be in order to finish a marathon.  I want to toe the line in Philly knowing that I'm in the best mental and physical shape of my life.  I know that I've been running an average of 80-90 miles over the summer and that I also haven't been injured for a prolonged period of time since 2005.  Those two factors combine probably point to that the fact that I am physically in shape, but my mind and my iron aren't where they need to be.  The challenge of running is to fight through it when it gets tough and mentally challenging.  This is a big year for me--competing at the Olympic Trials Marathon, starting a new role at the Bank, and planning a wedding all in the same year is quite a lot.  All great things, of course, but I am such a planner and over-thinker that sometimes I put too much stress on my mind and body that for a couple of weeks every year, I just crumble and feel tired and whiney.  Everyone has their moments, and this is mine. I hope to get it out of my system by like, oh, tomorrow, in time to fully enjoy this beautiful fall weather that Mother Nature has finally bestowed upon us in North Carolina.  Of course, I'll take my iron pills, continue my ab regime, keep on taking dance lessons, writing the CRC newsletter and the other stuff I cram into a day while working full time at BOA and cross my fingers that it'll all come together by the time I get to Philly.

So--enough about running.  Let's talk about getting married! Getting married is quite possibly one of the best things ever to happen in your life not just because you marry your very best friend ever, but also because all of your family and friends treat you like you're a princess.  Seriously, I thought I was spoiled already, but I REALLY got spoiled this week.  Everyone is so very nice and throws big parties, makes delicious food, and buys very nice presents.  I felt like Cinderella after she met the Beast, when she got rich.  Bachelorette parties and wedding showers are so much fun and I am so blessed and grateful to have such awesome family members to host fabulous events for Garrett and me as we embark on a life together.  After my sister organized a trip for 8 girls in wine country, she continued her mastery by helping my mom organize a scavenger hunt and dinner for 30 guests at our Carbondale farm.  My mom and dad picked 50 cucumbers and cut 100 watermelons from their own garden for us to enjoy.  My other parents--Scott and Ann--drove all the way from Greenville, NC, which is a 16+ hour drive, to see us and to partake in the festivities.  It was definitely and great weekend with terrific weather and even better friends and family.  Thanks to all who came out...I'm so grateful to know you all!

Looking forward to even more wedding events as the date draws closer...and also to better running!


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