Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Right on Track

ON Tuesday night, the Charlotte Running Club headed out to the JCSU track for a variety of different workouts om the blue oval with the Bull looking over us.

I met Todd and Aaron outside my house and we met up with Matt, Jay, Paul, Boriana, Billy, Jordan, William (I think is his name), Allen, and Justin. We warmed up some more together on the outskirts of campus and then did a couple of strides. Before we started the intervals, there was one man out coaching another sprinter and I approached him to make sure we would not be getting in his way. He assured me that he would not, and then asked me how much longer we intended to be out there. I told him maybe thirty minutes, and he offered to keep the lights on. I wasn't positive if it was the JCSU coach or not, but it was a kind gesture that was most definitely noticed by all of us.

What was most unique about this workout was the sense of camaraderie we had amongst a varying degree of paces. Despite having over four different pace groups starting at different times, everyone had someone to start with or at least to cheer them on. Aaron, Jordan, Jay and Paul teamed up for the milers as the super fast group. I led Justin, William, Todd, and Boriana for a down ladder starting at 1600m. Allen did his own thing, but we made sure he had a good cheering crowd!

In essence, I saw the Club's mission come to life: even though we were all running around the track at different paces, we were all still there together as a cohesive group and sharing in the accomplishments of the night. It was a fabulous feeling and it was so great to hear people cheering at all turns of the track. My favorite part was that Boriana probably had the toughest workout of all because she wanted to start with us all. As a result, she took an extremely shorter rest to always be with us at the line. It was great to know that she was there and cared enough to shorten her rest by practically a minute to share in the motivation of someone saying "Go!".

What I realized about track workouts is that it is easy to accomodate everyone's workouts. One thing that I would like to pursue for the Club is to get multiple groups out when we do venture to the track. It would be great if Allen and Boriana all had their own mini pace group that they could lead and have company every stride of the way. I'll work on making this happen.


- Jay and Paul had a great mile workout with Jordan doing his own thing hopping in. (Paul is still recovering two days later as you can read in his blog)
- Crazy Aaron did three mile repeats after doing a 30 mile race three days prior.
- Billy wouldn't stop talking about his workout he was so excited it went so well and even more excuberant that he has found a coach in Chris Lamperski.
- Everyone in the ladder group hit the times they wanted.
- According to Facebook, Allen Strickland enjoyed watching all of blaze by, and we enjoyed figuring out what he was doing. :o)


Anonymous said...

That was a great workout - I always enjoy getting on the track. Loved watching Aaron talk smack to Jordan. Good times, even if I was the slow, old guy doing his own thing in the outside lanes!

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